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Selling a life's work is a big decision

In short - you must have both chemistry with and trust in the advisors selling your business. You need an honest answer about valuation, the process, the terms and conditions, which are the buyers, and the time it takes to complete a sale. You should not be bound by an unfavorable agreement with an advisor who only sees your business as a lottery ticket. Request a plan and a minimum price, and make an agreement based on mutual trust.

At Faqtum M&A, we do not thrive on merely listing businesses for sale. Instead, we are rewarded when the business is sold to the right buyer. This model ensures our constant motivation and diligence for advising you in selling your business, while also preventing us from tempting you with unrealistic expectations.

Contact us for an informal meeting where we discuss the value of your business, your wishes and plans, and how a sales process could be approached.

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It's not easy to appraise a lifetime's work, but we understand that it must be worth it all.

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Selling a company

When is the right time, and what if the right time never is?

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Acquiring a company

Acquiring a company is embarking on a journey. A journey where you can set a completely new destination.

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”A few years back, my business partner and I started contemplating the sale of our company, and got the opportunity to participate in a seminar on ownership transition with Faqtum M&A. The seminar was enriching and provided us with a solid introduction and fundamental understanding of what is required when you embark on an ownership transition process. We quickly realized how complex and different M&A is from our daily activities, where we provide software solutions to the public sector, and it became clear why it is crucial to engage with skilled, experienced and trustworthy advisors to manage and guide us through such a journey.

M&A is complex, and it is impossible to understand everything, which is why trust in your advisors is paramount. Faqtum M&A guided us in every step of the way so that we understood each part and were comfortable in the decisions we made" said Jeppe Andersen, CEO and founder of SKS Application Service.

Thanks to Faqtum M&A and our skilled M&A lawyer, we were on solid ground throughout the process, and I look forward to continue to manage SKS Application Service during the next phase.”

Jeppe Andersen,

CEO and founder of SKS Applikation Service